A Game for Android and PC

Gameplay: Press the red blue or yellow button to change your element to that color, then tap on similarly colored enemies to kill them. Earn a multiplier by not tapping on a miscolored enemy.

    Executable .jar
Android .apk


A mod for Minecraft version 1.2.5

Gameplay: Adds mana and spells into minecraft. Find magic berries and powder, and use them to craft powerful spells which you can use for various purposes.
more information can be found at this forum post
requires Minecraft version 1.2.5 to play, if you have Minecraft, but a different version, use MCNostalgia to change to version 1.2.5


A Multi-Language Talking Calculator Application for iOs

Functions just like a normal calculator, but reads back the buttons pressed in the language of your choice. Currently supports English, Spanish, and Korean.

Component Based Entity System

My implementation of the Entity Component Pattern

source code: GitHub

Go with the Flow

My submission to the Ludum Dare 48 hour competition (28).



Gameplay: Place and rotate pipes to let the water flow to the end of the level.

- Click on a pipe that is already in the world to rotate it 90 degrees clockwise.
- Click on a pipe on the sidebar, then click on the world somewhere to place that pipe there.
- press the green play button to start a level
- press the purple undo button to undo your last change
- While the water is running, press the red cancel button to stop the water and go back to editing.
- While the water is running, hold down the blue fast forward button to speed up the water.
Remember, you can only make one change!

Executable .jar

Web (html5)


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